.Something We Can All Believe In.

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Simply put, Mercy Branch is founded on a dream that there is something we can all believe in. Something good, something right, something just, something worth sacrifice; time, energy, and all the hurts, pains, and joys that accompany it all. … Continued

.We Need You.

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We have said this so many times, but Mercy Branch Inc. could not exist without you. We rely on the support from you in order to partner with God in the way He has asked of us. Day after day … Continued

.You, Me, and Mercy Branch.

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God has been pressing on my heart for months now just how much Mercy Branch is collaborative work. When we began thinking through the call that God was placing on our hearts, we felt begged out. We were fresh off … Continued

.Love Mercy Project Wrap-up.

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As I tread into the month of March, fresh off the heels of February and the #LoveMercyProject, the only sentiment I can continually feel comes from Romans 8. “What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is … Continued

.Purse Strings and Heartstrings.

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Jesus had this incredible way of cutting straight to the point. He would say just a few words, maybe a little story, and cut straight through our excuses, and philosophies, our distractions, and get right to the point He was … Continued