It’s no secret that over the past several years we have all lived in a rather tough economy – eeking out an existence may even be difficult at times. Perhaps you have read over our vision and plans for Ethiopia and are truly excited about what God will do, but just feel as if you cannot fit committing to being a monthly supporter into your budget. We get that. We really do.

However, maybe there are some creative ideas that you have not yet considered to give margin to your budget. Four years ago when our family first began sponsoring children and supporting Kingdom ministries, we didn’t think we could afford to do it. But after some creative thinking we soon realized we were wrong, and after sponsoring for a year, we decided we could add another. And every time we did this we realized that we could never out-give God. He always, always blessed us when we were pouring out money into His Kingdom. It is really an amazing thing to be a part of!

Here are 10 creative ways that perhaps you can use in order to support Mercy Branch Inc. monthly:

1. Choose to not buy books or dvds for the year, but rather go to the library for the books you want to read and dvds to watch. If you’d normally rent one movie a week and buy a book a month, you can cut costs by $30 a month.

2. Instead of spending $8 on takeout every day at work, bring a bagged lunch for $5. You’ll save $60/month   If you have to eat out, skip the drinks and get a tap water – this alone will save you about $30/month.

3. Cut out fast food for just one meal for your family a month, and you could save as little as $20/month.

4. Park your car and consider using public transit, and save as little as $25/month on gas.

5. Give up your gym membership and work out at home, sign up for free fitness classes in your area, or stream fitness classes for free online. This could save you $500/year.

6. Give up Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or your favorite cafe’ and brew at home and save as little as $10/month.

7. Go to the movies during the day during the matinee and save a few dollars which could add up to about $60/year.

8. Swap out your cable for Netflix and save as little as $50/month.

9. Learn to cut your husband’s and son’s hair. With the cost of a haircut (for men) ranging from $15-$25, you can save over $200 a year by simply learning how to cut your son’s or your husband’s hair!

10.Learn to make soup! You can feed a family of four with a hearty chicken and vegetable soup for as little as $6- $8! If you decide to cook soup once or twice a week for dinner, you will save $10-$20 a week.  In one year, you can save $500.


Those are just a few of our ideas. What are yours??

If you are new here, and would like to learn about Mercy Branch Inc. this is a great place to start.

We have only a few hours left in our Love Mercy Project. Our goal for this month was to acquire 20 new $30/month supporters and $5k in one-time donations (which would then be equally matched because of a gracious matching door). Accomplishing this project would put the Darlings over 50% funded in their monthly need and one-time need! At about 75% funded they will purchase their plane tickets, and they hope to be in the air headed to Ethiopia this June! In order to complete the goals for the month, we still need 5 $30/month supporters and $2287 in one-time donations. We would love to have your support! Please know that when you partner with us, it is for the Kingdom, and YOU will have a part in obeying the great commission by going with us in your hearts and with your money to the ends of the earth. To donate please click here.

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