Welcome to the 50/50 fifty campaign! Mercy Branch Inc.’s very first goal in fundraising is to reach $2500/month. In order to reach this goal, we are launching the 50/50 fifty campaign. Here is how it works:

We are praying that 50 people would partner with us for an average giving of $50/month in the next 50 days. We know that some individuals may be able to give $50 a month, others $100, others $10… we are simply asking that people prayerfully commit before God to give what they can, and as they give, we trust that it averages to about $50 per person per month within the 50 day time table.

This campaign will run from September 19th through November 8th. Please know that when you gift $50 to Mercy Branch Inc. it will have eternal impact. Your dollars will be used to expand the Kingdom and extend mercy to children in Ethiopia. Will you consider joining us?

To learn more about our needs, please click here. If you are ready to partner with us now, you may give securely through our secure online donation page, or make a check payable to Mercy Branch Inc. and send it to PO Box 80023, Raleigh, NC 27623. (If you chose to send your checks, will you kindly drop us a note letting us know that you will be partnering with us monthly.)

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