Our Photo Policy

Ethical Image Policy for Mercy Branch Inc.: MERCY BRANCH INC. IS A FAITH-BASED ORGANIZATION THAT DREAMS OF THE DAY WHEN NO CHILD WILL EVER AGAIN LIVE ON THE STREETS OF ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA. Images (photos and videos) play an important role in helping us to raise awareness regarding the needs of our organization as well […]

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Meet our new in-country director

This land is sacred. All land is, in reality, sacred ground upon which we live, work, play, dine, and fellowship with God and our neighbor. However, for me, it has always been easier to see the sacred in the midst of the ordinary, here, on this patch of ground in Ethiopia. Currently I am bumping […]

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What Happens Next?

I feel as if we can take a collective sigh of relief, as this has been a long journey for all of us. We cannot thank our Street Team enough for your patience, endurance, and sacrifices to see this seed of a dream become a reality. Because of you, today, five young boys in Addis […]

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Where are the Pictures?

I cannot explain how it feels, after such a long fight, to finally be working with the children we have been praying and yearning to serve! I saw their faces, I know their names, but I have not met them personally. I, in fact, will not meet them on this trip to Ethiopia, and maybe not […]

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.Desert Places.

It is curious that I sit here on a plane headed toward the deserts of Dubai, leaving my home on my way back to the place that my heart feels most at home. It is analogous of how I feel in my spiritual journey, departing home, headed straight into the desert, and longing for the […]

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Join our Dream Team!

      Because we are a small organization, and because it takes a lot of grunt work to get something like this running, we are at the point where we need to bring more people onto our team. One of the hardest parts of international missions is keeping up with fundraising to keep the […]

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.An Epiphany.

One of the main challenges I have faced in changing cultures from America to Ethiopia is the huge difference in pace. Each country operates much like their relative age to one another. America is some 240 years old, which in terms of Nations, makes her a toddler. She runs frenetically, full of hope and believing […]

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.Close to Home. (Part 1)

Her words were clipped and different than the melodic lilt that usually rolled from her tongue. Something wasn’t right. We had known it for weeks, but had not been able to put our fingers on what exactly it was that was wrong. Even without translation, and with the little Amharic that I have grasped, I […]

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Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of missionary life is not the actual missionary journey itself – the cultural nuances, the hardships, the loneliness, etc., but rather asking people for help. It’s hard and humbling to live entirely on the support of other people, and it is really hard to ask for more – […]

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.Meet Theresa.

The fourth board member for Mercy branch Inc. that we would like to introduce you to, is our good friend, Theresa. Theresa serves as our secretary, and is such a vital part of who we are. She has been on this journey that God has taken us on from the beginning – five years ago. […]

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