The what and where of God’s calling has been laid out so vividly for our family – Addis Ababa Ethiopia, serving street children’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs through the mercy of Jesus. Part of the how has been made known as well; we will run and manage a guest home that will eventually be sustainable and capable of supporting our family, with the hope that we are not permanently reliant on funding from donations. However, in order for our family to move to Ethiopia and launch our guest house and jump into a ministry, we need financial help.  It is God’s desire for our family to serve Him in Africa, and that knowledge makes us confident in His provision. We know that God has all of the resources that our family needs to obey and follow Him to Ethiopia, and we know that He will use our brothers and sisters to distribute those funds. And friends, that is humbling for us. While this is our personal call, nothing in the Kingdom is successful in isolation. We are called to be a body, and as much as we would love for the money to drop from heaven onto our doorstep tomorrow, so our family could quietly leave for Ethiopia without having to ask for help, that is just not how God typically works. We recognize this, and we recognize that the humbling and asking is what stretches our faith – the stretching and waiting will be just the refining that we need to prepare us for our future ministry. Total dependence on God is exactly where He wants us.

We also acknowledge that Mercy Branch Inc. is not about the Darling family, or our board, or the street children who we are desperate to love, or Africa – it is about our Savior, Jesus Christ, and bringing fame to His Name. It is about expanding the Kingdom and bringing glory to God. Mercy branch Inc. is so much bigger than us, and it will take a village of our brothers and sisters linking arms with us for anything to be accomplished.  Without a village committed to financially supporting us, we cannot move, we cannot open our guest house, and we cannot serve street children. We are not more important or better because we have been called overseas – following Jesus doesn’t require a passport – just an obedient, willing heart.  We are all in this together.

We need YOU. We want you to be invested in this with us, and we are inviting you into this story. Without you, we cannot go. You are invaluable to our ministry. God’s heart is for the least of these, and He will provide above and beyond anything we could ever think or imagine. We believe that, and we are clinging to that truth, and we believe that He will accomplish this through you.

We have prayed and wrestled and talked through our budget and needs over and over. We have spent hours tweaking numbers with our board and specifically our treasurer, and we are so grateful for her insight and wisdom. We want to be transparent with our finances and budget, and we desire for God’s money to be used in the best way possible. Because we are doing business as missions, our upfront financial needs are approximately 40% less than that of a traditional missionary family with our monthly needs at approximately 33% less. We are praying that allows us to be on the field more quickly.

Please take a moment to click here and learn about our needs. Then, prayerfully consider how you may be able to give.


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    Yeah September 19, 2013 at 8:48 pm

    What experience do you have in running a guest house or training men to be fathers? Should we just support you because you believe god wants you to do something but yet you give no record of success or training in any of these areas.

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