Because we are a small organization, and because it takes a lot of grunt work to get something like this running, we are at the point where we need to bring more people onto our team. One of the hardest parts of international missions is keeping up with fundraising to keep the mission going. This is where we would love to pass the baton and get some much needed help in this area, so that our team on the ground in Ethiopia can focus exclusively on doing the work here, rather than worrying about how to get the money to do the work.

We are looking for a Mercy Branch Dream Team. This would be a volunteer team of individuals who would join together to be ambassadors for Mercy Branch Inc., by brainstorming ways to bring awareness through creative fundraising ideas and sharing the story of Mercy Branch in their local community or their platform of choice. Not only will you be supporting Kingdom work, but you will have the opportunity to serve and make a difference from right where you are.

This team is perfect for anyone who is passionate about international missions and wants to be more involved in this kind of Kingdom work from the comfort of their own home. We need people who are creative and willing to think outside of the box. People who can dream and come together to implement a dream. People who will commit investing real time and thought into this, and be willing to work together with other individuals via a private Dream Team Facebook page. This is for the person who has a desire to do something more tangible than just donating monthly to missions. This is for the stay-at-home mom who needs a creative outlet, or the high school teenager that has been given a desire to be involved in missions, or the single guy that loves graphic design and has a head full of ideas. Or…maybe this person is YOU!

We want YOU on our Dream Team! We need you!

This is what we would expect of our Dream Team:

  • that you would love Jesus
  • that you would commit to partnering with Mercy Branch for just $10 a month
  • that you would join the Mercy Branch Dream Team Facebook page to discuss, dream, get and give inspiration and ideas
  • that you would help facilitate one fundraising idea/event twice a year

If you would like to join our Mercy Branch Dream Team please come ask to join our Facebook group and then introduce yourself. If you know someone who should be part of our Dream Team, please share this with them!

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