As I tread into the month of March, fresh off the heels of February and the #LoveMercyProject, the only sentiment I can continually feel comes from Romans 8.

“What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

Six months ago, when we founded Mercy Branch Inc., we did so with faith, hope, and zeal for the ministry we felt so compelled to pursue. Having said that, there were major questions we had no answer to… questions like: Would anyone stand by us? Are we going to fizzle out and be a laughing stock? And, while we knew God was in this, would His people be in it? With us?

It was something that we only would realize through following in the Rabbi’s footsteps, by allowing the dust from His sandals to settle on our bodies as we drew near to Him.

In so many ways we began this journey working to count the cost and be ready to “pay the bills” of self-sacrifice, promotion, vulnerability, etc. Knowing this, we also knew that these offerings would fall far short of what was needed, and that if this was going to happen, it would need to be a Kingdom collaboration. That it would need to be full of individuals who valued the Kingdom, the King, and Mercy Branch.

We began Mercy Branch with all “our” best ideas. Ideas that God used to encourage and aid us along the way… but sometime after the beginning of this year, God really burdened us with a new kind of project: the #LoveMercyProject. It was so unlike anything else we did. The details were hammered out at the last minute, the artwork was done by a generous friend, the lead up promotion was simple and pretty unorganized… All the “right things to do” just did not feel right. Instead, our role was to fast, pray, be still, and wait.

As the month began, and the #LoveMercyProject began, there was not some flurry of activity… it was slow… stale. We were left asking, “did we miss the boat?” And just when we were giving up on anything we may have done… God showed up. He began to move, He brought momentum, and He finished with a flurry. In the closing hours He did things we could never have dreamed… in the closing minutes He finished what He started. It was not a covenant on His part, but beckoned my heart to the many times He had made promises in the Old Testament. Despite failures, missteps, and foolishness on the human equation, He ensured it was going to happen, thus:

 “What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

We serve a big and mighty God, and we, with you, celebrate what He has done. It is only Him… He is the only One Who can do this! What are some of those “only Him” moments that you have experienced? Share them with us….we want to celebrate Him with you!


  1. Comment by Sara

    Sara March 3, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    I think one of the biggest “only HIM” moments came to me about 2weeks ago when I realized that my mother, and my Grandfather, after 16yrs of prayers have come to know Jesus as their savior. For the past 5yrs they have lived in a run down trailer park area in the suburbs of Detroit MI. There were no churches in sight of their trailer park. Most people that live where they live have no cars, little money, little food, ect. I remember praying after they moved to this trailer park after being homeless and living in a hotel for 3yrs prior to that…”Lord, who will love them? Who will see them as more than just “trailer trash?” I know that you do but where are your people. I can’t be there with them, I know that I am not going to be the main vessel to which you bring them to yourself. Not that you won’t use me, you will, but I live 8hrs away I can’t be there for them. Please Lord send your people, send someone that will look at them as people and not as “trailer trash” to be avoided. Work in a way that only you can, in a way that I definitely can not and am not able to. Please oh please Lord send your love to them.”

    Little did I know in the years to follow that prayer the Lord led a wonderful man that he saved out of a life of crime to that very trailer park area to minister and share the Gospel with them. Years of serving them, followed by months of picking them up and taking them to church ect and both my Mother, and my Grandfather have a new life in Christ and our committed to serving HIM. Now they are working out their salvation and serving the very people that they live along side of. It’s a beautiful story and reminds me of your desire to serve the “least of these” in Ethiopia.

    • Comment by Jim

      Jim March 3, 2014 at 7:11 pm

      Sara, What an awesome thing… Such an only-God experience! Thank you for sharing.

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