Allow me to introduce you to one of our board members. It is fitting that she is the first board member I introduce to you, as she was the first person I called when we began the process of founding Mercy Branch.


I tell Bethany that she is my first adopted daughter. Although that is not technically the case, she is among the first to help me see that family is not a “blood” connection. Now, before I shower all the praise she deserves on her, it is worth noting that prior to our family bonds, she went through a period of years where she hated the thought of me—all because years ago I did not let her and three girl pals of hers share a cabin at summer camp for fear they may terrorize all their fellow cabin mates. (A decision I stand by to this day!)

Bethany is spunky, ambitious, organized, and above all else full of compassion. She has a heart as big as the ocean, she cares deeply and loves intensely. Her God-given compassion for others has pushed her to move beyond the desire for more, better, and shinier. Bethany and her husband reside in North Carolina where God has radically transformed their faith through their local church. Instead of the pursuit of more, she has chosen to invest her time and resources into things that matter in the Kingdom. We are so incredibly grateful that she said, “yes” to investing herself in Mercy Branch!

Bethany is an accountant by trade and serves, among other things, as our treasurer. Bethany has worked in non-profits and has a degree in accounting. These skills are vital to her role at Mercy Branch. Bethany, along with all of us, is excited to see how the ministry of Mercy Branch will grow and how it will continue to change her life.


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