The fourth board member for Mercy branch Inc. that we would like to introduce you to, is our good friend, Theresa. Theresa serves as our secretary, and is such a vital part of who we are. She has been on this journey that God has taken us on from the beginning – five years ago. She has stuck with us, prayed with us, and dreamed big alongside us. It is our privilege to call her friend and to introduce you to her.



Whenever an acquaintance asks me, “so what is this Mercy Branch thing?” I feel like I fumble the answer every time. I haven’t quite figured out how to squeeze my love for Mercy Branch into the one sentence answer most people are looking for.


Now with that being said, you would think I would jump on a chance to share Mercy Branch from my point of view with you… however when Jim requested this blog from the board members a while (weeks, months, eons) ago I quickly went into avoidance mode. Sorry, guys.


I think my reasoning was this: why does my voice matter? Mercy Branch is such an amazing story being written by the loving hand of God. My role is so, so small.


As I sat thinking about what to write, to my surprise, the first thing that came to my mind is the fact that Mercy Branch is designed to bring people together for this beautiful work. I have seen behind the scenes. I know that every person that spreads the word about the Mercy Branch mission, every dollar that is donated, every prayer that is said, every share on social media, and every word of encouragement is propelling an engine that God is going to use to build His Kingdom and make His beautiful name known to an impoverished country’s community of lonely boys. God is building a Mercy Branch Street Team and every person is important.


I am important. My small yes is being used by God in His big story. How amazing is that?


I could tell you more.

I could tell you the exact moment in Tiffany’s dining room 5 years ago that God began to break my heart for what breaks His.

I could tell you how I now know two beautiful Ethiopian boys who put a face on the redeeming power of God’s love and family.

I could tell you of the heartache, joy, waiting, expectation, research, prayer, tears and celebration that have happened for there to be a Mercy Branch.

I could tell you how what we do now will impact generations on both sides of the world.

I could tell you of my own struggles with my identity and value in Christ.

I could tell you of my great, great weaknesses and how His strength shines through them.


I am just me. Theresa. Wifey. Homeschooling mom. Lover of creativity. Admirer of uniqueness. Saying yes to what God has asked of me. Loving watching His story unfold.


“Build your Kingdom here. Let the darkness fear. Show your mighty hand. Heal our streets and land.” Rend Collective

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