I am holding my breath and praying… The countdown has begun. We are just two days away from officially launching our 50fifty50 campaign. I have been begging God, asking Him to send us supporters. Asking that He would challenge people’s hearts to sacrifice on our behalf. I know that He does not have to operate on my timetable. In fact, He doesn’t have to do any of this… But I desperately want to see His glory-His fame, His renown-to grow because:

Who could deny that it was only God that pulled this thing off? I know it won’t be my doing.

I am such a small part of what God has in store for Mercy Branch Inc. It has been thrilling to see the ways in which God has already moved hearts. It is humbling to know that so many are praying for us. It is encouraging that you care for the children from the streets.

I rode in a truck the other day with a friend… we spent 4 hours talking about whether prayer did anything. It was through that interchange that it was solidified in my mind that (1.) prayer absolutely impacts the world in which we live, (2.) Jesus desires us to ask big things in His name, and (3.) I rarely live this out.

Even now, I am praying, begging, asking big things, and asking you to do it alongside of me… All while fighting my natural tendency to neglect prayer, to spend that time thinking through how I can do it myself. (As if I could really do any of this on my own.)

Will you pray alongside me? For me? For Mercy Branch Inc.? For the kids living on the streets in desperate need of help – of Jesus?

Prayer Updates:

  1. Please pray that the 501(c)(3) (the federal recognition as a non-profit) would be approved quickly.
  2. Please ask that God would move mountains and hearts to see us reach our goal to be in Ethiopia by January 2014.
  3. Pray that the 50fifty50 campaign would be completely successful.
  4. Pray that God would ready the hearts of our children for this journey. (Habi, Cadi, Scotty, Jamesy)
  5. Pray we would make wise choices and discern what God wants in all we pursue.
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