Soon after our family finally surrendered to moving to Addis Ababa Ethiopia to run a Guest House in order to ultimately serve street children, reality hit us. With pounding hearts, we came to the quick realization that we could not go until we had first raised enough financial support. We knew we would need to raise enough support to move to Ethiopia, settle and establish our family, rent and start the guest house, and survive until the guest house was providing enough income to sustain us. This was daunting, and induced some very panic-filled moments.

It is so true that Kingdom building is not a competition. We are not in competition with the big, well-know organizations who can cleverly market and bring in thousands of dollars for child sponsorships or digging wells in Africa. But sometimes it feels like those things can capture the hearts of people much faster than our tiny grass-roots non-profit. Supporting Jim & Tiffany Darling, missionaries, is not as appealing as investing in the bigger names in the Kingdom.

Or so we thought.

So we proceeded with fear. Sometimes we have felt like we were begging. But as the Spirit continues to impress upon our hearts the urgency of our call, something beautiful is taking place. People are giving to Mercy Branch Inc. People that we have walked the adoption journey with, people who love Africa, people who have known us for years, and people we have never ever met are sacrificing in order to mobilize our family to go.

People are giving because they desire to be part of this story, because they believe in Mercy Branch Inc. and care about mercy and justice, and what God can do in the lives of street children. They are giving because they see that this story is bigger than us, and they want to be part of something that will make a difference for the Kingdom. It’s not just about the tax-deductions; it is more about a heart that loves to give.

We are so blessed by all of our financial partners. We are amazed to see the way God has drawn people to us. After less than six months of raising support, we are very near being 50% funded, and we understand more than ever that this has been accomplished because of God alone – not our marketing, cleverness, words, or anything else we have done.

We have learned that we are all called to something specific inside of the Kingdom. When we ask for your money, we are not really asking for your money. We are asking you to partner with us as we all partner with God for the Kingdom. This season of support raising, a season we first dreaded, has become a beautiful gift to our family. It has become a season of learning to fully trust in our God, the One Who goes before us, and has all of the resources we need in order to obey His call.

We cannot do this alone, and we are so thankful for the team of people that God is drawing to surround us and will go with us in their hearts to the end of the earth. We could never express our gratitude enough. We continue to depend on the Almighty to accomplish this work that He has begun – abundantly more than we could ask or think.

Please prayerfully consider today how God might be inviting you into this story by financially partnering with us here. In order to be over 50% funded we need 7 more $30/month supporters – that is roughly $1/day, and donations that equal $2,647 given to our one-time need fund.

We are trusting God with this story – it is all dependent on Him.

.If you are new here and would like to learn more about Mercy branch Inc. this is a great place to start.

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