.Where is the Church in all this?.

This is a question that has been asked of us from time to time. As we meet with various people and explain to them what our heart and passion is concerning Mercy Branch, as we attempt to help people understand our two-fold mission (Guest House and Street Kids), the question is raised: Where is the […]

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.My Village.

I don’t know when I first realized how badly I needed it, or how intensely my soul longed for it. But I know when I realized I did not have it. My story is not one in which I turned from shocking sin to intense, unrelenting devotion to God. No, my story is one of […]

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.Let It Burn.

This has been a tough week. We went through all our possessions, moved them out of the house that we had made a home, and sent them off to be sold. Sometime around day two, I was struck by the reality that Jesus’ words about selling your stuff was more than just about cashing the […]

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.Here and Now, Then and There.

We are so thrilled to be on this fund raising journey for Mercy Branch, and it has been awesome to see all the ways God has provided in the midst of this journey. It has been humbling to see the ways that God has moved people to come alongside us on this journey. Having said […]

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.Missionaries Need More Than Your Money.

It’s true. Missionaries need more than your money. While, money is vital to the ministry of a missionary, and without it, we cannot do what God has called us to do, it is not everything. We also need people who are truly invested in what we are doing and how we are doing it. We […]

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