I think one of the hardest things about God calling our family out to be missionaries in Ethiopia is the fundraising part.  I squirmed during the very first conversation that Jim and I had this summer regarding moving to Ethiopia, because I knew that we would most likely have to raise money in order to […]

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.Open Letter to Anonymous.

Thank you for believing in us. It is crazy at times to sit back and realize how many people really do believe in us. We are working really hard to do everything ethically, transparently, and legally. We are trying to maximize our experience, grow from our mistakes, and make the most of our successes. And […]

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.Here We Go.

The what and where of God’s calling has been laid out so vividly for our family – Addis Ababa Ethiopia, serving street children’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs through the mercy of Jesus. Part of the how has been made known as well; we will run and manage a guest home that will eventually be […]

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.I Can’t Do It, But We Can.

We have been working hard the past month trying to get things in place to ensure that we are doing everything properly and ethically. One of the biggest challenges has been and continues to be setting a budget. My natural instinct is to name a number, cut it into pieces, and run with it… That, […]

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.All The Little Children.

Last week, I listened to an informal talk given by President Obama to students and faculty at the state university down the road from my house. In that talk, President Obama cited something that is not new news, not political… just a function of reality: The younger a child is given a “leg-up” academically, the […]

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