.Raising Support.

Soon after our family finally surrendered to moving to Addis Ababa Ethiopia to run a Guest House in order to ultimately serve street children, reality hit us. With pounding hearts, we came to the quick realization that we could not go until we had first raised enough financial support. We knew we would need to […]

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.Purse Strings and Heartstrings.

Jesus had this incredible way of cutting straight to the point. He would say just a few words, maybe a little story, and cut straight through our excuses, and philosophies, our distractions, and get right to the point He was striving to make. It is a quality I am fascinated by. In Matthew 6, Jesus […]

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.Love Mercy Project.

The early Christians were so committed to caring for another’s needs that history records their practice of fasting to save food to give to others who were more in need. What would happen if the world today could see such a clear and consistent demonstration of God’s love? ~ Wes Roberts. It’s the month of […]

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