.The Scandal of the Kingdom.

Today Tiffany wrote about Doing It Scared. It is something that really resonates with how I am feeling. It has been such an encouragement to see God move people to come around and support our journey. We did a little promotional video to try and explain what we are doing or maybe why we are […]

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I think one of the hardest things about God calling our family out to be missionaries in Ethiopia is the fundraising part.  I squirmed during the very first conversation that Jim and I had this summer regarding moving to Ethiopia, because I knew that we would most likely have to raise money in order to […]

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.Open Letter to Anonymous.

Thank you for believing in us. It is crazy at times to sit back and realize how many people really do believe in us. We are working really hard to do everything ethically, transparently, and legally. We are trying to maximize our experience, grow from our mistakes, and make the most of our successes. And […]

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.Here We Go.

The what and where of God’s calling has been laid out so vividly for our family – Addis Ababa Ethiopia, serving street children’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs through the mercy of Jesus. Part of the how has been made known as well; we will run and manage a guest home that will eventually be […]

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.Praying Big Things.

I am holding my breath and praying… The countdown has begun. We are just two days away from officially launching our 50fifty50 campaign. I have been begging God, asking Him to send us supporters. Asking that He would challenge people’s hearts to sacrifice on our behalf. I know that He does not have to operate […]

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