.Why We Do It.

Each day we wake here in Ethiopia, we strive to make progress in our efforts to get legal status so we may formally begin our work. It is not a small task, and it is not for the faint of heart. There is rejection at every corner. This is compounded by a few sad realities. […]

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.Owning Our Mistakes.

I could reference a host of blogs and articles and past experience to tell you why we are here, in the US right now. I could point to ways in which we are far ahead of the curve, and ways in which we are vastly behind. There are people saying it costs $150,00-$250,000 and three […]

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.Embracing the New Year.

The calendar has once again flipped to another year. It stands before us as a blank canvas, offering new mercies, new challenges, and new adventures. It’s a fresh start just waiting for us to ink it up with our one, beautiful life. We are expectant as we gaze out over 2014. God-willing this will be […]

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.Praying Big Things.

I am holding my breath and praying… The countdown has begun. We are just two days away from officially launching our 50fifty50 campaign. I have been begging God, asking Him to send us supporters. Asking that He would challenge people’s hearts to sacrifice on our behalf. I know that He does not have to operate […]

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