.Henok {Repost}.

His shivers racked his rail thin body, his teeth violently chattering against one another, causing his head to pound and his jaw to ache. Henok curled his small body tighter to the body of his best friend, Abal, who slept closest to him, feeling the trembling from his friend’s body as well. He pulled at […]

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.Stars, Stripes, and Eagles.

At every turn we are reminded that the world is more and more globally connected. As recently as 20 years ago [a blip on the radar of human history], it was nearly unthinkable that a person who had not traveled beyond their home country would know much more than their own surroundings. I am 35 […]

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.Why We Do It.

Each day we wake here in Ethiopia, we strive to make progress in our efforts to get legal status so we may formally begin our work. It is not a small task, and it is not for the faint of heart. There is rejection at every corner. This is compounded by a few sad realities. […]

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.Owning Our Mistakes.

I could reference a host of blogs and articles and past experience to tell you why we are here, in the US right now. I could point to ways in which we are far ahead of the curve, and ways in which we are vastly behind. There are people saying it costs $150,00-$250,000 and three […]

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.Something We Can All Believe In.

Simply put, Mercy Branch is founded on a dream that there is something we can all believe in. Something good, something right, something just, something worth sacrifice; time, energy, and all the hurts, pains, and joys that accompany it all. I don’t know exactly when, but at some point after I chose my career, landed […]

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.Where is the Church in all this?.

This is a question that has been asked of us from time to time. As we meet with various people and explain to them what our heart and passion is concerning Mercy Branch, as we attempt to help people understand our two-fold mission (Guest House and Street Kids), the question is raised: Where is the […]

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