.Owning Our Mistakes.

I could reference a host of blogs and articles and past experience to tell you why we are here, in the US right now. I could point to ways in which we are far ahead of the curve, and ways in which we are vastly behind. There are people saying it costs $150,00-$250,000 and three […]

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.My Village.

I don’t know when I first realized how badly I needed it, or how intensely my soul longed for it. But I know when I realized I did not have it. My story is not one in which I turned from shocking sin to intense, unrelenting devotion to God. No, my story is one of […]

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.Let It Burn.

This has been a tough week. We went through all our possessions, moved them out of the house that we had made a home, and sent them off to be sold. Sometime around day two, I was struck by the reality that Jesus’ words about selling your stuff was more than just about cashing the […]

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