We have said this so many times, but Mercy Branch Inc. could not exist without you. We rely on the support from you in order to partner with God in the way He has asked of us. Day after day God is providing for our needs. He is using so many of you to connect us with people all over this country who are linking arms with us. God is in this, and there is no denying that He has big plans for our future.

However, we don’t have all of the answers. We make the plans, but God orders the steps. And we lean into those steps.

Our hearts have been ready to leave the country for months now, but God keeps whispering waitThere is no question of whether or not God wants our family to move to Addis. He does. He has confirmed this over and over and over. It’s just a matter of when He is ready for us to leave. We know that we cannot move until our oldest son’s adoption is finalized. As of this moment, that adoption, about $900/month in monthly supports, and a little less than $4000 for airplane ticket is holding us here. As much as we want to leave, we want God’s perfect timing more (well, most days!).  There is nothing that we can do to speed along the adoption, we have to surrender that fully into the hands of God. But, while we wait, we can continue to ask for people to consider financially partnering with us, so that when the adoption is finalized, nothing more will hold us back from moving.

We cannot do Mercy Branch Inc without you. And God doesn’t want us to.

The need in Ethiopia is vast.

We saw it, felt it, breathed it, and now dream about it. It haunts us like nothing else ever has.

For years we wrestled with the image of the street boys, and a strong hunch that somehow God was inviting us to something. We prayed for an answer for these boys, and we prayed that God would send someone to them. And God in his mercy and gentleness, nudged us and whispered it’s you I want.

“He has shown you, O man, what is good: To act justly, love mercy, walk humbly.” Micah 6:8

But perhaps He is also inviting you? Would you partner with us as we partner with God? Even $10/month can help build the Kingdom in Ethiopia. Your money will have eternal significance! If you have not already done so, please consider how you might join in this beautiful story that God is writing. To become a monthly supporter or make a one time donation, please go here. Please continue to share about us on your social media – most of our support has come through this!

Why care about street kids an ocean away? Why sacrifice for them?

Because that is what Jesus would do.

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