Mercy Branch Inc. reaches out and radically pursues children who have been forgotten by their Ethiopian communities and forced to live on the streets. We believe that every child deserves a family and a place to call home. We believe in the sacredness of childhood and in play, and that no child for any reason, should ever be forced to live or work on the street. Our goal is to rehabilitate children, recapture childhood, and to safely reintegrate children back into their existing family. We utilize a family-based environment to rehabilitate children. Mercy Branch offers food, shelter, clothing, education with tutoring, medical care, spiritual direction, and counseling to each of our beneficiaries, and we also offer counseling to their extended families. Games and activities to build teamwork, trust, and teach life skills are an integral part of our program. We also provide opportunities for the young people in our program to give back to their community through volunteerism.


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