Mercy Branch Inc. is a faith-based organization that dreams of the day when no child will ever again live on the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Behind the Scenes of Mercy Branch Inc.

Jim and Tiffany Darling are the founders of Mercy Branch Inc.. They have been married for almost fifteen years and are parents to four children. In 2010 God began dramatically opening their eyes to the realities of children without families around the world, and they began the process to adopt their youngest child from Ethiopia. It was through that adoption and traveling to Addis Ababa Ethiopia, that they became sensitive to partnering with local people in Ethiopia in addressing the critical need with forgotten street children in Addis. Because America and adoption could not be the answer for every child in Ethiopia, but God through the vehicle of healthy, whole families, could be, the dream of Mercy Branch Inc. was born.  Jim and Tiffany were burdened with a passion to help empower and assist Ethiopians in radically stepping into the lives of young forgotten children who call the streets home, by  extending the mercy of Jesus in tangible ways that work towards hope, healing, redemption, and family reunification with these children.

Because of the work of Jesus on our behalf, we believe that we owe Him our life. The mercy, love, compassion, and forgiveness of Jesus inspires us to want to strive to imitate Him. Because Jesus moved into our brokenness (John 1:14), we feel called to also move into brokenness. Because this world is broken, brokenness can be found all over the globe, but for Mercy Branch Inc., Addis Ababa is where our hearts beat. In 2014 the Darling family chose to move to Addis, as a simple reflection of the gospel and Jesus. For two years they lived, ate, and played with Ethiopian friends and family. It was a valuable time of understanding cultural nuances and the strength and beauty that is rooted in Ethiopia. During that time, they partnered with Ethiopians and founded an NGO in Addis that now services children who live on the street and their families.

The Darlings currently reside in the United States where they bridge the gap between continents, ensuring the work is happening on one continent while trying to raise awareness and funds on another. They continue to travel to Addis several times a year, in order to invest in the Ethiopian Mercy Branch staff.

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