Are you still wondering why we care so much about street kids an ocean away? And why we need to go? We have written about the life of a street kid here. We have shared photos and stories, but this video gives maybe the best glimpse, outside of traveling to Addis yourself, to understanding the plight of these children.


We love these kids and are burdened for them, because He first loved us. We so desire to share the mercy of Jesus with them, and show them the hope found only in Him. We know that Jesus changes lives, and that He uses families and discipleship to do so.The Bible talks so much about the fact that now WE are His body. So, we are not going to idly sit back and wait for someone else to do this – it’s us. We love Ethiopia. We love street kids. We love family. And most of all we love our Jesus.

We know that life change and greatness in the Kingdom can be the future of these kids. We know this because it happened in our home, when we made a street kid our son. It had nothing to do with us or our family, but everything to do with God’s mercy, love, and redemption. The fact that He used us as vehicle is a testimony of His greatness. We wrestled for a few years over what to do, because God would not let us forget those kids that we left behind.

We cannot bring every street kid to America, and America is not the answer for every child. There are street kids that need to be reunited with their birth families in Ethiopia. Poverty should NEVER be a reason for children to be separated from their families. Never. Never. Never. It is our desire to rehabilitate families and disciple them into wholeness and restoration. A child needs a family. When a street kid cannot be connected back with his family, we will work on establishing a brand new healthy Ethiopian family. We are dreaming big for these kids. We know the answers all lie in Jesus, and that He is calling His body to action. We see so much promise in the next generation of Ethiopia, but someone has to be willing to GO. We are willing, waiting, and excited for God to use us.

For decades these children have been forgotten, neglected, and considered the blemishes of their society. These are real, living breathing children with unfathomable hurts…..and dreams. Each and everyone of them is valuable, wanted, and loved by the God of this universe. We hope to be able to share this important truth with these kids. We have seen the difference it has made in the life of our own son.

We are asking you to participate in this. We are giving you the opportunity to make a real and eternal difference in the life of a child. So many of you love our son, Habi, and you have seen the change in him. This change can happen for so many other “Habi’s”, and it can happen in their own country! Please do not miss out on the chance to be a part of something huge. What can you sacrifice today to demonstrate to these children that they are precious and loved? Your Dunkin’ Donuts budget? Your gym membership? Your monthly manicure? Your fast food budget? Can you squeeze out $1 day for children who are in the same position that our son was in?

This is your chance. This is your invitation to make a difference. We really CAN make a difference.

Why do we care?

Because Jesus cares.

You can find our secure giving link here.

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